Riët Aarsse

Riët Aarsse, begeleider bij Amsterdam Inzichtmeditatie

Riët started intensive insight meditation practice in 2010 and spent much time in retreat in Asia and more recently also in the West. She studies Buddhist psychology and aims at integrating and translating the ancient teachings in contemporary understandings. Not only because of her fascination for the depth and truth of the teachings, but also to support others on their life path of insight, happiness and freedom.

The positive changes that meditation practice, Insight Dialogue, vipassana and metta can bring about in and between people are a lively source of inspiration. She has experienced that relationality, harmony, connectedness and caring for yourself, others, animals, the environment and the planet develop in a natural way when internal stressors find some peace. And that supports a beneficial way of dealing with all the challenges that belong to the life path as well. You don’t have to be a Buddhist for meeting everything with kind awareness or develop compassion and wisdom. But it is of utter importance to be with friends on the path and to know there are resources of companionship and knowledge available to support all of us. Out of gratitude to her teachers she is committed to offer what she learned to others. She has a lot of humor, looks lightly at the path of deepening understanding and speaks in a clear way.

Riët guides meditations (vipassana and metta), short retreats and offers courses since 2012. In 2012 she came into contact with Insight Dialogue (ID) and discovered the power of meditation while interacting. She is recognized as an Insight Dialogue teacher by the Teacher Council of the Insight Dialogue Community, with Gregory Kramer, Phyllis Hicks and Bart van Melik as mentors. She is member of the Dutch collective of Insight Meditation teachers vipassana.nu.

Riët worked as a research psychologist (Phd) and quality manager in youth care, mental healthcare and addiction care. Her life currently revolves around study, practice and sharing dhamma insights. She supports people who are on this life path of inner development. She is the initiator of Amsterdam Insight Meditation.