About Amsterdam Insight Meditation

Amsterdam Insight Meditation (in Dutch: Amsterdam Inzichtmeditatie) was founded in 2018. We welcome beginners and advanced students – all those who wish to explore the teachings of the Buddha and practice together. You can just join in once to get a taste or join us to practice on a regular base. In any case, people from all ages, colors, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations and socio-economic backgrounds are very welcome.

Programme – meditating together – awakening together

Amsterdam Insight Meditation offers a regular programme of meditation activities. Activities are guided by experienced practitioners and by teachers from the Netherlands and abroad. We feel connected to and base ourselves on the early Buddhist teachings and contemporary understandings of the workings of the mind. At Amsterdam Insight Meditation, you can follow introductory and advanced courses to insight meditation (vipassana), heart-meditations and Insight Dialogue, which is an interactive way of meditating together. There are also opportunities to study the dhamma together, for example by exploring suttas and the Abhidhamma (Buddhist psychology).
The offerings are mainly Dutch spoken unless otherwise specified. But many of the meditation guiders are happy to translate to English. Please see our agenda for upcoming activities. Activities are held in different locations in Amsterdam. Some activities are also online.


All the teachers offer their guidance on a dana (generosity) base. Their generosity is invaluable in keeping the teachings alive and reaching us. In turn, we can practice generosity towards them, by supporting their lives financially and thus enabling them to continue to teach. You are wholeheartedly invited to practice dana (generosity) towards the teacher for the teachings themselves.

Amsterdam Insight itself needs to pay rent for the venues we use. This means that we ask a small amount for every activity so that we are able to cover the costs for rent, website, administration and travel expenses of guest teachers.

Read more about dana (in Dutch)


Since its foundation in 2018, initiated by Riët Aarsse, Amsterdam Insight Meditation has been steadily growing as a sangha, a community of friends who inspire each other and support each others practice. Any ideas, support or feedback based on your needs and wishes are greatly appreciated.  

Contact us

If you have any questions or want to participate or collaborate in any way, please contact us. Or come and meet us by dropping in at a meditation activity.